BTS’s online concert with over 100 million viewers

Fans of the popular Korean girl group BTS got a chance to watch an online concert yesterday. It was an online concert, but it was a well-crafted show. The online concert, titled “Map of The Soul ON: E”, was originally planned to be limited to a limited audience, but was held online due to the South Korean government’s strict restrictions on public gatherings. Due to the Kovis incident, BTS had to cancel their planned tours.

BTS’s Big Hit Entertainment did not say how people would watch the online concert, but it had more than 140 million viewers. Thousands of fans from all over the world flocked to the venue to see the online presence of BTS Lightsticks. There is also a chatroom for fans to comment.

In Seoul, a fan-run BTS-Themed Cafe, some people wore masks and watched the concert together. “In these difficult times, their songs comforted me and made me feel like an audience. They sang that everything would be all right. That’s why I think people all over the world love them, ”said Angie Won, a 40-year-old woman who broke down in tears after watching the show.

At yesterday’s online concert, BTS member V said, “Even though the fans are not here, it feels like they are there. It was as if I could hear their voices of encouragement. Let’s be together next time. ”

Since its debut in 2013, BTS has been entertaining K-pop fans around the world with their music and entertainment. Dances Lyrics We were able to attract young people with campaigns aimed at inspiring them. BTS broke the Guinness World Records record for the most-watched online concert after its first online concert in June attracted nearly 757,000 people from 107 countries.