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David Beckham and his wife were infected with Kovis in the United States

Recently, a couple of famous artists have been infected with Kovis. Once again, David Beckham and his wife Victoria Beckham became infected with the Rona virus. The couple reportedly became infected with the virus after a promotion for Beckham’s new Inter Miami CF football club in the United States.

David Beckham and his family were in Los Angeles on March 1 to support Inter Miami Cf. Beckham and his wife returned to Britain on March 4 for Brooklyn’s 21st birthday party. The Sun reports that they have returned to Miami to promote their football club.

ကား သမား၊ Bodyguard Many members of Bat Kham’s team, including his aide, were also infected with Kovis. Victoria says they are at risk of contracting Kovis. During the promotion of the couple, the fans, Shaking hands with many important people; It is believed that Kovis may have been infected by kissing and kissing. Beckham was initially ill, followed by Victoria with a sore throat and fever.

“Beckham started to feel sick and then Victoria had a sore throat and a fever. At the same time, many of his crew members fell ill. Two of them are very bad. Beth Kham and his family were quarantined for more than two weeks. Victoria was wrong to be a distributor of Kovis and did her best to prevent it from happening again. Victoria was lying in bed, terrified. It has been several days a week, ”said a source close to Beckham.

After the couple recovered, Beckham and his wife discussed the current situation with their teammates. The couple sent supplies to two members of the group who were seriously ill. A spokesman for Beckham and Victoria did not respond to a request for comment.