“If you are shy, you can die,” said Tom Hanks

The United States has the highest number of cases of coronavirus in the world. There are still cases of the virus in the United States. People all over the world, including the United States, are being told to wear masks to prevent the spread of the epidemic. But some people refuse to wear a mask for various reasons. For those who do not want to wear a mask, the mask reduces the amount of oxygen and is not comfortable to wear. It is said that wearing a mask does not have to be that big.

A person who has been exposed to the coronavirus says Americans need to wear a mask. He was actor Tom Hanks, who contracted the virus while in Australia to shoot a film. Tom Hanks was angry at those who refused to wear masks, even though the number of infected people in the United States continued to rise. “There are only three things we can do to get there tomorrow,” Tom Hanks told a news conference at the press conference for the new project.

Wear a mask. Social Distancing Hand washing. These things are very simple. It’s easy. If you can not practice these three basics, I think it would be nice to be ashamed. Do these things. This is the basics. Do not drive too fast; Turn signal Do not bump into pedestrians. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use. “Similarly, to avoid the risk of a virus, you must adhere to these three basic principles.”

Tom Hanks himself was the one who recovered from the coronavirus. That is why we hope that no one will be infected with the coronavirus and that they will be safe. “We had symptoms for about 10 days. We are happy to say that it was not life threatening. As our temperature rises, We lived in isolation because we needed medical attention if something happened. Everyone knows that we are recovering from COVID-19. We lived in isolation because others were more likely to be infected. Isolation is something that is being done all over the world. We are also good at socializing, ”said Tom Hanks.