Disney + Hotstar Streaming Platform to Release 7 Bollywood Movies

Disney + Hotstar, Walt Disney’s streaming service, is set to release seven Bollywood films scheduled for release this year. Disney + Hotstar on Netflix; It is one of the largest streaming platforms in India, competing with Amazon Prime Video. Disney + Hotstar made the announcement after Netflix and Prime planned to release theatrical releases, and agreed with cinemas such as PVR and Inox Leisure to digitally screen cinemas due to the epidemic.

“This is something we have been thinking about for a long time. The epidemic has not yet been announced when the movie will be released, so the epidemic has forced the opportunity to take advantage of this opportunity, ”said Eddie Shankar, head of Disney + Hotstar in India. India eases tensions after more than two months of lockdown However, shopping malls and movie theaters remain closed.

Streaming platforms such as Amazon and Netflix have previously contracted with Indian studios for digital rights. But in the past, it was just the revenue. It has always been possible for movies to be digitally released before they can be released. Shankar says Lockdown has reinforced the idea of ​​digital film release.

The Hotstar Streaming Platform had 300 million monthly users last year. Most of them use free viewing service. But Disney says it plans to turn many users into paid subscribers. Disney bought Hostar’s $ 71 billion 2019 Twenty-First Century Fox movie and series for Hostar in 2019. In April, Disney renamed Hotstar Disney + Hotstar.

Disney + Hotstar is set to release on July 24 this year, a Bollywood remake of The Fault in Our Stars. The film stars Sushant Singh Rajput, who died on June 14.